Joint forces in SK Systems

As of January 1st 2013, the Systems departments o Hugen, BBA and De Vries have joined forces. The presence in their regions remains secured by (service) technicians, project managers and more. Our business locations are: Zevenaar, Best, Heerhugowaard and Nuth. The central back-office will be situated in Best (near Eindhoven). Customers can simply call the phone number they are familiar with. Additionally, a central 088 number has been activated, to assure even better availability during days, nights and weekends: 088-0550 750. By e-mail you can reach us at

Under the new collective name, the SK Region Companies will bring the SK Systems portfolio under the attention of customers and relations. The SK Region Companies will focus on detection and evacuation systems and small gas extinguishing systems.

The SK Region Companies are a very professional team with more than 20 employees. All specialists in the field of fire safety.

This step secures the further growth and development of mid-range fire safety installations in the Netherlands. Efficient with 1 central back-office in Best and on operational level nationwide from Zevenaar, Best, Heerhugowaard and Nuth. Much more important is that clients and relations can count on a lot of expertise and a flexible, reliable organization.

The total Business Unit Systems of SK FireSafety Group in the Benelux consists of more than 200 employees and specialize in: Detection, Evacuation, Gas Extinguishing, Sprinkler, Water Mist and Oxygen Reduction. A fire safety specialist of size that can advise you at every level in every market segment and always near you.