Halon supply for U.S. Department of Defense

The U.S. Department of Defense (U.S. D.O.D.) is one of the few remaining organisations that by exception are still allowed  to use the extinguishing agent, Halon. For the extinguishing products and systems for personnell and vehicles, it is essential that a fire is extinguished as fast as possible.

U.S. D.O.D. was looking for a partner to manage its’ Halon supply in Western Europe. With environmental restrictions it became harder and harder to import and export Halon. This lead to the need for a reliable partner that could arrange the storage, regeneration and distribution of their Halon supply. Due to the experience that Hugen already had with managing the Halon supply for the Dutch Ministry of Defense, managing the U.S. Halon supply was not an issue.

Exceptional applications

Until 2040 Halon can be used for applications for which no alternative extinguishing agent exists. These applications can be found mainly in aviation and government Defense departments.  Airplanes, submarines and armoured vehicles have small spaces where other extinguishing agents are unsuited because they are harmful for people or are simply too large or heavy. Because Halon interacts with the burning process on a chemical level, only a small amount of the gas is needed for a quick effect. On top of that it is non-conductive, non-vaporous and it leaves no residue. A very specific application is the use of Halon for F16’s. In combat situations these aircraft use Halon to fill their wing-tanks, so that there is no build-up of kerosine vapour in these spaces that gradually become more empty.

Specific knowledge

The SK FireSafety Group supplies Halon to civil aviation and to armed forces on land, sea or air of The Netherlands and U.S.

Because the use of Halon decreases rapidly, the knowledge of this gas and the related equipment also disappears. More and more the SK FireSafety Group therefor acts as a consulting party in this area.