Maintenance to extinguishers for the Armed Forces

About half of the total number of employees (68,000) at the Ministry is formed by the operational commandos (sea, land and air forces) of Defense. They often work in unusual situations and under some very extreme circumstances where the risk of fire is higher than normal. Until 2015 Hugen inspects, maintains and repairs not only all regular extinguishing equipment, but also the specials in for example tanks, helicopters and aircraft for the armed forces of the Royal Navy, the Army and the Royal Air Force. It involves the overhaul and extended maintenance of all extinguishing equipment that during the annual maintenance was not approved.

Technical requirements

From a large number of parties, Defense chose for Hugen because of its expertise. Hugen’s ability to meet the stringent technical requirements of Defense, was decisive. Given the good relationship Hugen has with Defense thanks to the management and delivery of Halon extinguishers, Hugen was a trusted choice.