Hugen carries out maintenance to engine, auxiliary power unit and cargo bay extinguishing systems for all kinds of aircraft. Handheld fire extinguishers and automatic extinguishing systems in toilets hold no secrets for us either.

We also provide oxygen system maintenance, including pilot and passenger masks.
This involves both oxygen bottles as well as oxygen generator systems. Maintenance of portable oxygen bottles for passengers who become short of breath on the journey is also part of our service. All these products are equipment developed specifically for aviation, so these should be small and lightweight.


There is no other sector with stricter safety requirements and inspections. And rightly so, because people’s lives are involved. At the same time ‘aircraft-on-ground’ situations need to be prevented, simply because a grounded aircraft costs money. There is even insufficient space on the ground for all the aircraft that cross through our airspace nowadays. In such a demanding market, you want a partner who has earned his stripes. Although most maintenance can be planned in advance, there will always be exceptions. Sometimes something unexpected is found during a maintenance procedure or an extinguisher is used in response to a fire alarm. These situations require a fast and adequate response. That’s why we always reserve space for unexpected issues in our capacity planning: so that you always stay airborne.

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